Values & Ethos 

'KZMstudio is all about public art it really is as simple at that’


Nothing is worse than seeing the public become so alienated from the public art which should more than anything be there to enrich communities.


That’s exactly what KZMstudio is designed to tackle. Through creating inspiring engaging public art. Art that gives to communities opposed to bamboozling them.


Promoting education around the field to the public. Non pompous, easy to translate and meaningful. 

Art can be ground breaking, imaginative and engaging and yet still be highly loved by the community it serves. 

Kevin has spoken around the globe about public art and is at times open to key note speaker appointments both for local communities groups and larger conferences. 


If you have an interest in booking Kevin to speak please send a request via the contact page. 

KZMstudio is a dynamic visual arts organisation like no other. Founded by Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison who is renowned for his long standing contribution to public arts.


The studio specialises in large scale public art projects and instillations from an initial thought to full project delivery and beyond. KZMstudio also offers global consultation services on public art projects and strategies for Charities, private sector and  public sector clients. 


We also have a gallery/studio space dedicated to promoting a small roster of artists and holding exceptional public, educational and industry events for everyone with a very active programme.

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