A key aspect our KZMstudio’s practise is consultation. We work worldwide offering advisory on public art strategies. Assisting local governments on the implementation of public art. How best to create good practise and maximising the benefits of public art for the communities it should serve. Public art done right can have countless benefits for an area taking the public with you on that journey essential that they feel connected and engaged with any programmes. Delivery is key, it can be quite a complex journey the provision of multi public art instillations including a number of factors from structural engineering to licencing agreements we advise on all aspects of delivery and outcomes. As well as local governments we offer advisory to BIDs, Charities and private organisations hoping in some way to work with public art. From one off high impact instillations to multi-site large scale projects.

Alongside consultation we believe education is a pivotal in connecting people to public art. We also run educational programmes as well as key note speaker appointments. We encourage people to attend our active programme of events. We also provide programmes to clients in their own practises, offices, institutions, as well as schools and colleges. Where people get a chance for more participatory programmes and/or bespoke outcomes.