KZMstudio Is thrilled to announce it will be opening its major NEW 2500sq ft space in central Croydon in June. Where it will be hosting a groundbreaking programme of events and exhibitions 

Between now and then we'll be bringing a series of pop up events in and around Central Croydon at a number of venues. To get the latest on news of our new space or events. Subscribe to our newsletter. for anything else please drop us a contact via the below form and we'll call / email you back  

If you are an artist looking for a exterior space to paint or install a work we are always keen to hear from you and we'll do what we can to set you up in the area 

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KZMstudio LTD company number : 12396235
Business address : 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU
 Call us on 0203 105 7463