Dan Cimmermann

Dan is an outstanding artist in every way. His desire to push boundaries in painting is absolute. Not a conscious choice but it lies within his very nature. So many visual references and techniques can be found in his work but Dans true talent is how he incorporates so many seemingly almost effortlessly. What we are left with is a dynamic narrative full of explosive energy yet that is subtle and intricate enough to captivate and awe the viewer. His subjects for his works only emulate their presence and seamlessly flow into his composition. There is no other painter today like him. 


Dan’s works explores portraiture in a new way capturing the subjects, distorting them, remastering them and reimagining them giving us a true reflection of human nature from blunder to regality. From opulence to disaster capturing the human spirit with such truth when we have as humans present our own distorted reality complied of our desires which is often far from our truth. 


Dan has had many solo exhibitions from the UK to Japan and is the only Non Arabic artist to have a permanent work in the Bank of Lebanon’s prestigious art collection.

Available works 
'WESTERN' 120cm x 150cm, Acrylic on Canvas, £3000
'Turner tied Himself to the mast of a ship', 120cm x 150cm, Acrylic on Canvas, £3000
Yorkshire Tea, Acrylic on Canvas, £3000
'Away Days', Acrylic on Canvas, £800
'Big Man', 120cm x 150cm, Acrylic on Canvas, £3000
'Nail Biter', 120cm x 150cm, Acrylic on Canvas, £3000